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It’s State of Origin Finals. Get Your Own Game Time Ready!

38 years of history has led to this year’s showdown, and with ABC Dental’s Black Panther mouthguards, your kids can play like the pros!


State of Origin finals is on. With game three quickly approaching on 10 July, the showdown between NSW and Queensland is fiercer than ever. And if your kids want to play like the pros, it’s important they have quality gear that’s up to the task. 

With “black panther” mouthguards from ABC Dental, your kids will be suited up just like their favourite players (no matter which side you’re rooting for). 

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth is Priority #1, but Having Them Feel Like Their Favourite Players is a Close #2

Your kids probably don’t have the same priorities as you when it comes to rugby. They want to get in the game, and often at a very young age! No doubt they can and should play, but they need the right mouthguard to protect their developing teeth.

That’s where ABC Dental comes in. We make it fun for kids to get fitted for a mouthguard by offering a limited edition “black panther” guard that they’ll want to wear, just like the NRL stars.


You already know that a mouthguard matters. Rugby is a physically-demanding sport, and player safety (especially when it’s your kids we’re talking about), is important. This is especially true while your children’s teeth are still developing. After all, we’d prefer that they lose their baby teeth due to natural causes and not on the rugby field. Plus:

·     Over 60% of rugby players experience some sort of orofacial trauma or injury while they’re playing; BUT

·     Using a mouthguard can reduce the risk of these injuries by up to 90%!

At ABC Dental, we’re offering limited-edition Black Panther mouthguards to keep your little ones protected while giving them a mouthguard they’ll actually want to wear.

We are conveniently located in Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Miranda, Macquarie Centre and Westfield Chatswood. We are open 7 days, and offer complimentary parking on site. Take advantage of our Black Panther mouthguard, available for a limited time only and starting at $195. Call us on 8383 1400 or book online. 

Clear Aligners at Abc Dental

Everyone wants a straight smile. However, no one wants the cost, discomfort, or “metal mouth” appearance associated with traditional teeth straightening. Now, you don’t have to deal with any of these common problems.
Instead, you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing that you are.


Invisible or clear, aligners look like retainers and allow you to straighten your teeth without wires. Like the aligners themselves, the advantages of this approach are clear:

  • Removable – Take your trays out while you eat or at your convenience.

  • Invisible – Invisible aligners are clear and only you’ll know you’re straightening your smile!

  • No Impression Materials – We can create clear aligners with a digital scan, meaning there are no impressions required. 

Take Your Confidence and Self-Esteem to a New Level - Invisible Aligners from $5000

If you’ve put off straightening your smile, you’ve likely done so because you can’t afford braces or don’t want to spend years of your life with metal braces, especially as an adult. At ABC Dental, you don’t have to deal with either of these issues.
Your clear brace services begin with a no-obligation discussion, including a free scan and treatment setup. Invisible Aligners start from $5000 and, should you decide to proceed with treatment, we offer interest-free payment plans to make your smile even more affordable. 


If you’ve ever hesitated about orthodontics, it’s likely because you thought there was only one option. However, you don’t have to deal with metal braces to feel as confident as you should. Once you have your impressions you will receive a video of how your treatment will look like at thee and smile summary of how many aligners you need. 
Contact ABC Dental today for your free consultation and to discuss clear aligners with our friendly staff on 02 8383 1400. We look forward to speaking with you and transforming the way you view orthodontics. Free consultation available at our Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Miranda, Macquarie Centre Westfield Warringah, Stockland Green Hills and Westfield Chatswood. We are open 7 days, and offer complimentary parking on site.