same day crowns

CEREC Crown - Resolving Several Dental Needs

Our clinicians may use CEREC crowns to resolve many issues, including:

  1. As support for a large filling where little tooth remains
  2. As part of an attachment of a bridge
  3. As protection for weak teeth at risk of breaking or that have already broken
  4. As a replacement for teeth that have decayed
  5. As a cover for teeth that are discoloured or poorly shaped
  6. As a cover for dental implants

If you need to get a cerec option see the list above, see if you fit any of these categories and give us a call (02) 8383 1400.


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CEREC Crown at ABC ental

Cerec Crown at Abc Dental (Behind the Scenes)

After the scan, the dentist creates the design. They single out the design model and fit the crown into a cerec block. We send it to the machine and it moulds the crown. It goes into a furnace for it to get solid. If you wish to make an appointment give us a call on (02) 8383 1400

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