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Completing RCT - What I need to do after pain has gone?

After three long appointments and now that you are finally out of pain. You may think the tooth is now fully root canal treated with no further action. If left without a crown as a helmet it is like having surgery and you say to the surgeon “dont worry about stitching up, I’ll just walk out”. Bring inside the mouth it is often hard to tell, but if you dont complete the treatment with a crown you risk loosing the whole tooth. In worst cases, even after all this investment, you may have to extract the tooth as it could still develop bacteria and infection into the roots. Meaning, you need an extraction + an implant.

Keeping your natural tooth as long as you can is always better than getting an implant.At Abc Dental we offer same day crowns too. We also have our own inhouse lab.
This means you can choose to do same day crowns $1750 or a one week wait crown $1100. There is a small difference in price but it is the same great quality. You can ask our friendly staff about by calling (02) 8383 1400 We dont have restrictions on where you can and can't go within our locations.

We are in convenient shopping centre locations Bondi Junction, Macquarie Centre, Sydney, Miranda, Chatswood, Green Hills (East Maitland) and Warringah Mall. Call (02) 8383 1400 to make an appointment/ discuss the importance of a crown after root canal treatment at Abc Dental

Treating RCT - What I need to know when I'm in pain?

Firstly, we need to detect if it is root canal treatment that you require. Sometimes, it's just that you were brushing too hard and you just need to brush softly around the gums. If the pain is throbbing and it's keeping you awake in the night. Please TAKE PAIN KILLERS don't try to win the pain cause trust us. You will loose. Call us immediately we are open all 7 days (02) 8383 1400 and book an appointment with our dentists. Root Canal is a very common procedure that dentists treat almost every day of the week. Sometimes even three times a day. For patients, it is painful and expensive, and Abc Dental hears you. At ABC Dental, we seek to turn even this intensive dental procedure into one that promotes relaxation and comfort while remaining cost-effective.

Our preventive approach to care is designed to proactively monitor decay during checkups every 6 months. By doing so, we can prevent tooth decay from reaching the roots to preserve your smile. If you find yourself in a situation where decay has reached the nerves of a tooth, there’s no need to worry. Instead, you can have peace of mind turning to ABC Dental and our advanced root canal therapy techniques.

The full root canal treatment comes in 3 stages.

1st Appointment Usually includes two stages.

Stage 1: Expiration of the Nerve
Stage 2: Expiration of the Nerve and Obturation - filling the tooth with Medication and Temporary Cap until the root is fully cleaned from bacteria and infection.

2nd Appointment Usually includes Stage 3 Prep for crown
By this stage, you would have completely be out of pain. But don't be fooled! It is still very prone to developing a new infection that can cause more pain than the last time. At this appointment, you will need to prep the tooth to cap it with a crown. But until the crown is made you will be provided with a temporary crown. You must come back to the crown insert. At Abc Dental we offer CEREC same day crowns that may not require you to come back for a third appointment. More on this in the next blog.

As this is a very common treatment it is available from all our locations.
We are only in convenient shopping centre locations Bondi Junction, Macquarie Centre, Sydney, Miranda, Chatswood, Green Hills (East Maitland) and Warringah Mall. Call (02) 8383 1400 to make an appointment/ discuss if you can be suitable for a Complete Dental Solution at Abc Dental.

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It’s State of Origin Finals. Get Your Own Game Time Ready!

38 years of history has led to this year’s showdown, and with ABC Dental’s Black Panther mouthguards, your kids can play like the pros!


State of Origin finals is on. With game three quickly approaching on 10 July, the showdown between NSW and Queensland is fiercer than ever. And if your kids want to play like the pros, it’s important they have quality gear that’s up to the task. 

With “black panther” mouthguards from ABC Dental, your kids will be suited up just like their favourite players (no matter which side you’re rooting for). 

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth is Priority #1, but Having Them Feel Like Their Favourite Players is a Close #2

Your kids probably don’t have the same priorities as you when it comes to rugby. They want to get in the game, and often at a very young age! No doubt they can and should play, but they need the right mouthguard to protect their developing teeth.

That’s where ABC Dental comes in. We make it fun for kids to get fitted for a mouthguard by offering a limited edition “black panther” guard that they’ll want to wear, just like the NRL stars.


You already know that a mouthguard matters. Rugby is a physically-demanding sport, and player safety (especially when it’s your kids we’re talking about), is important. This is especially true while your children’s teeth are still developing. After all, we’d prefer that they lose their baby teeth due to natural causes and not on the rugby field. Plus:

·     Over 60% of rugby players experience some sort of orofacial trauma or injury while they’re playing; BUT

·     Using a mouthguard can reduce the risk of these injuries by up to 90%!

At ABC Dental, we’re offering limited-edition Black Panther mouthguards to keep your little ones protected while giving them a mouthguard they’ll actually want to wear.

We are conveniently located in Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Miranda, Macquarie Centre and Westfield Chatswood. We are open 7 days, and offer complimentary parking on site. Take advantage of our Black Panther mouthguard, available for a limited time only and starting at $195. Call us on 8383 1400 or book online.