At Abc Dental, we are a modern dental practice. We provide a variety of metal-free options for you to choose from. Certain materials are suitable for one type of situation, whilst another maybe more suitable in another clinical scenario. Speak to your dental professional about the best material for your needs.

Metal Free Crown Options

Hybrid Ceramic crown



  • This material contains both composite resin and ceramic, thus known as “hybrid ceramic”. The ceramic portion provides aesthetics and strength, whilst the composite composition makes the material “less stiff/rigid” and improves its handling characteristics. Hybrid ceramic are most suitable for situations where the missing tooth structure is between 60%-80% of total tooth. At ABC Dental, we offer high quality hybrid glass ceramic Cerasmart by GC.

All Ceramic Crown



  • This material traditionally contains 100% ceramic. Although in recent years, newer materials can contain a small percentage of Zirconia, to improve strength. All ceramic options are most commonly used to deliver aesthetic outcomes. They can satisfy even the highest aesthetically demanding situations. E.max from Ivoclar Vivadent, offered at ABC Dental, has clinical research and studies dating back 20 years. It is a material with a long track record of clinical success, and can be indicated in many clinical situations. ABC Dental also offers Celtra Duo from DentsplySirona. This all ceramic material contains some zirconia composition (see below), to improve its strength characteristics.

zirconia Crown

Katana Vs E.max.png
  • Zirconia is the strongest dental material available today. Its strength can be upto 4 times stronger than all ceramic crown materials.

  • Zirconia crowns are indicated generally in back tooth (molar) situations, where high strength is required. They can also be used where patients are concerned over tooth reduction. The strength of the material means crowns can be made from thinner sections, thereby reducing the need for tooth reduction.

  • In the past, whilst zirconia crowns were very strong, a lack of aesthetics vs ceramic crowns were the main drawback. At ABC Dental, we offer the latest 3rd generation Zirconia. Older Zirconia are made out of a single color, whereas modern Zirconia is infused with multiple colors. They are commonly referred to as “Multi-layer Zirconia”. With this new advancement, multi-layer zirconia has aesthetics comparable to all ceramic materials.

  • Due to the stronger material substance, Zirconia needs to be finished in a furnace for over 10 hours. Therefore, you will typically need to return for a second visit. Zirconia restorations are particularly suitable for the replacement of 2nd molars (back tooth), and large-span bridges. They are also used in full arch cases, to upgrade from wearing a denture, to an implant-supported bridge.

  • At ABC Dental, we offer a number of modern zirconia from reputable companies

    • Cercon range from DentsplySirona ( XTML / XT / ST)

    • Katana range from Kuraray Noritake ( STML / UTSML / HTML)

cercon xtml2.png
zirconia KATANA STML

zirconia KATANA STML