Same Week Crowns - $1100

Abc Dental’s own laboratory scan, design and customise your crowns. Highest quality, full range of materials. For your peace of mind, your dental restorations, from start-to-finish, is made exclusively ABC Dental’s team of dental professionals.

Same Day Crowns - $1750

Made by your dentists using CEREC technology. Same Day Service. Single visit.

Q&A on crowns

How much is the going fee for a crown?

Dental fees vary between clinics. This is the same for crowns. Fees are dependent on a range of factors. From our own research, Sydney metro prices range between $1100 - $2200.

When thinking about the price of a crown, its helpful to remember that a crown on average, is expected to last many years. Clinical studies show that the average life service of a crown is observed to be around 10 years. It is more helpful to express the fee for a crown in terms of the cost per year, rather than a lump sum. In this regard, ABC crowns would be on average $110/year (same week crowns), or $175/ year (same day crowns).

Another factor in price consideration is health fund coverage. For those that have private health insurance with major dental cover, a portion of the fee will be paid by your health fund. Typically, most health funds have enough major dental coverage for 1 crown per year. The price displayed above does not include health fund coverage. For example, if the health fund covers $800, and you opted for Same Week Crowns ($1100), then what you would pay is $300 for the crown treatment. This is also known as the gap payment.

Do I need it now? How long can I delay this?

Your dental professional has recommended crown treatment. Reasons can be due to diseased tooth structure, cracked teeth, leaking fillings and many more. As with many latent health conditions, the diagnosis of a problem is not accompanied by symptoms. That is, you may not be currently experiencing any pain.

Left untreated, your tooth will be exposed to the ingress of oral bacteria. They enter the tooth from the oral cavity, work its way inwards, all the way into the “nerve” of the tooth (known as root canals). Should this happen, you will need root canal therapy in addition to crown treatment. This is totally preventable, and therefore our advice has always been to follow the instructions of your health professional. If you should be unclear about the timing / necessity of the recommended treatment, we would be happy to chat with you.

Ultimately, unlike many other areas of the body (eg skin). Your tooth structure does not re-generate. Once a tooth is lost, that is an irreversible event. It will not re-grow. Although modern day implants afford patients the joy of having teeth again. Your health professional would no doubt prefer that you keep and maintain your natural dentition, for as long as possible.

I’am worried about having the tooth shaved down. Do I really need this?

The reason for reshaping and rebuilding your tooth, is to provide a stable core to receive the crown. It can be also to make room, so the crown doesn’t feel bulky, or high when you bite together.

Its not always true that natural tooth is shaved down. In many clinical situations, what the dentist is removing is infact diseased or decayed tooth structure. Other times it is composite filling material. In many instances where crowns are required, less than 40% of your natural tooth remains. For more information, see our section on “What You Need to Know”, or click here

Dental materials such as Zirconia, allow dentists to be more conservative, as crowns can be made in thinner sections, due to its strength. For more information, see our section on “Modern Materials”, or click here

Should you have any concerns in respect of tooth re-shaping and re-building. We encourage you to talk to your dental health professional.

Where will my crown be made?

Everything is made in house by ABC Dental. For same week crowns, our laboratory is based in the heart of Sydney CBD. If you opt for same day crowns, crowns are made at the practice by your dentist.

How much will my health insurance cover?

There are approximately 40 or more active health funds across Australia. Every health insurance pays a different level of coverage. Even within the same fund, there are different policy levels, and each come with different coverage. Therefore, it is impossible to predict how much you will be covered (without knowing all those information).

Our practices are equipped with HICAPS, an electronic terminal which can process a quotation for your particular health insurance. Come in and talk to us. Please bring your physical health fund card with you. HICAPS only accepts swiping with physical cards.

Alternatively, you can call your health insurance for a quote. As a general rule, you can ask your health insurance for coverage over Item 613 - Non-Metallic Crowns. Please note, in cases where you need other adjunct procedures in addition to crowns, there will be other item codes necessary. Speak with us if you are unsure.

Crowns fall into “Major Dental” category of health insurance policy. It is important that your policy is covered for Major Dental. There are basic plans which do not include cover for major dental.

Do you match preferred provider fees?

Yes, we can match preferred provider pricing. As a clinic with multiple locations across Sydney, we believe in offering transparent pricing and fairness in fees to all our patients. We believe It should cost no more to have your care with ABC Dental


We also take payment plan options* with:

  • afterpay

    you need to have an active account to use this service on the day of treatment. It takes 24 hours for your account to be approved. Divide your treatment into 4 instalment payments.

    Set up an account by clicking here:

  • zip money

    you dont need to create an account before you come in. It will take about 20 minutes to set up an account and for it to be approved. You can use it straight away. Divide your treatment into 6 monthly instalment payments.

    Set up an account by clicking here:

  • supercare

    you can apply for the early release of your superannuation to pay for your, or your family member’s dental crowns.

    We are happy to introduce SuperCare - an external services provider - that can assist you to make an application via the Early Release of Superannuation (ERS) program , operated by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to cover dental crowns

    Contact supercare my clicking on the link to enquire:

    For more information on our payment plan offers click this link:

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Terms and Conditions

Free 15 min consults - Limited to consultation only, any exams or xrays or impressions are not included

Matching Preferred Provider Fees - Patients are required to contact their health fund. For privacy reasons, a third party can not find out this information for you.

Payment Plans - Abc Dental takes payment at time of treatment.