Completing RCT - What I need to do after pain has gone?

After three long appointments and now that you are finally out of pain. You may think the tooth is now fully root canal treated with no further action. If left without a crown as a helmet it is like having surgery and you say to the surgeon “dont worry about stitching up, I’ll just walk out”. Bring inside the mouth it is often hard to tell, but if you dont complete the treatment with a crown you risk loosing the whole tooth. In worst cases, even after all this investment, you may have to extract the tooth as it could still develop bacteria and infection into the roots. Meaning, you need an extraction + an implant.

Keeping your natural tooth as long as you can is always better than getting an implant.At Abc Dental we offer same day crowns too. We also have our own inhouse lab.
This means you can choose to do same day crowns $1750 or a one week wait crown $1100. There is a small difference in price but it is the same great quality. You can ask our friendly staff about by calling (02) 8383 1400 We dont have restrictions on where you can and can't go within our locations.

We are in convenient shopping centre locations Bondi Junction, Macquarie Centre, Sydney, Miranda, Chatswood, Green Hills (East Maitland) and Warringah Mall. Call (02) 8383 1400 to make an appointment/ discuss the importance of a crown after root canal treatment at Abc Dental

Metal vs Composite/ Porcelain: Think long term!

In the past, metal fillings have been the only option available when you needed a crown. Even now, you may encounter that many places offer amalgam fillings, or commonly known as metal fillings. The problem with this is that you would be left with a shiny, inauthentic looking tooth blatantly shining its existence to your friends, family and coworkers!
Rest assured, we are here to offer you an aesthetic, natural material- porcelain/ composite!

These porcelain/ composite materials are tooth-coloured and durable. It will offer you a natural smile that you couldn’t fully have with your metal fillings!
Here at ABC Dental, we can replace your existing metal fillings with this appealing option in just one single visit.

But you might ask, “Why porcelain or composite if they have the same function as a metal filling?”. The benefits of composite fillings aren’t just ‘better aesthetics!’.

The benefits of replacing metal fillings are:
No Gum Line Discolouration: gum line discolouration is a common allergic reaction caused by metal fillings. With composite or porcelain, you won’t have to suffer these risks.
No Leakages: Metal fillings can deteriorate over time. In contrast, these tooth-colured fillings won’t break down, meaning you won’t have to return to the dentist for additional repairs.

Now, the Why at ABC Dental?

At ABC Dental, we offer a number of benefits when it comes to replacing metal fillings.

  • Cutting-Edge CEREC Technology: We use the latest technology to maximise patient comfort and to optimise results!

  • On-site Crowns: All of our equiptment is on-site. This means your crowns or porcelain fillings are available in high quality materials, and in a quicker time!

  • One Appointment Procedures: As everything is on-site, you can get your new crowns/ porcelain fillings in just one appointment.

  • No Rough Temporaries: We take digital impressions. This means that you don’t have to suffer through a rough, temporary crown in your mouth while you wait for your new ones.

  • Customised colours: We use a variety of shades and colours to custom match your natural tooth colour. This enables a customised colour and a perfect match to the aesthetics of your whole mouth!

Why wait?
If you have an old existing filling that is ruining the aesthetics of your mouth, come by any time and we will make it suitable for you.

Contact ABC Dental today for your free consultation and to discuss clear aligners with our friendly staff on 02 8383 1400. We look forward to speaking with you and transforming the way you view fillings. Free consultation available at our Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Miranda, Macquarie Centre Westfield Warringah, Stockland Green Hills and Westfield Chatswood.We are open 7 days, and offer complimentary parking on site.

Treating RCT - What I need to know when I'm in pain?

Firstly, we need to detect if it is root canal treatment that you require. Sometimes, it's just that you were brushing too hard and you just need to brush softly around the gums. If the pain is throbbing and it's keeping you awake in the night. Please TAKE PAIN KILLERS don't try to win the pain cause trust us. You will loose. Call us immediately we are open all 7 days (02) 8383 1400 and book an appointment with our dentists. Root Canal is a very common procedure that dentists treat almost every day of the week. Sometimes even three times a day. For patients, it is painful and expensive, and Abc Dental hears you. At ABC Dental, we seek to turn even this intensive dental procedure into one that promotes relaxation and comfort while remaining cost-effective.

Our preventive approach to care is designed to proactively monitor decay during checkups every 6 months. By doing so, we can prevent tooth decay from reaching the roots to preserve your smile. If you find yourself in a situation where decay has reached the nerves of a tooth, there’s no need to worry. Instead, you can have peace of mind turning to ABC Dental and our advanced root canal therapy techniques.

The full root canal treatment comes in 3 stages.

1st Appointment Usually includes two stages.

Stage 1: Expiration of the Nerve
Stage 2: Expiration of the Nerve and Obturation - filling the tooth with Medication and Temporary Cap until the root is fully cleaned from bacteria and infection.

2nd Appointment Usually includes Stage 3 Prep for crown
By this stage, you would have completely be out of pain. But don't be fooled! It is still very prone to developing a new infection that can cause more pain than the last time. At this appointment, you will need to prep the tooth to cap it with a crown. But until the crown is made you will be provided with a temporary crown. You must come back to the crown insert. At Abc Dental we offer CEREC same day crowns that may not require you to come back for a third appointment. More on this in the next blog.

As this is a very common treatment it is available from all our locations.
We are only in convenient shopping centre locations Bondi Junction, Macquarie Centre, Sydney, Miranda, Chatswood, Green Hills (East Maitland) and Warringah Mall. Call (02) 8383 1400 to make an appointment/ discuss if you can be suitable for a Complete Dental Solution at Abc Dental.


Same Day Crown $1750
Abc Dental features the capability to deliver same day crowns. However, is subject to specialty clinician’s availability and location
Same day crowns are Simple, Efficient Crowns that can be completed in Just One Visit
If you need a crown, a certain type of dental experience likely comes to mind: one of gagging impressions, temporary crowns, and countless visits until you reach the final outcome. But at ABC Dental, we use CEREC Crowns to eliminate these negatives and instead, create a positive, relaxing experience where your entire treatment is completed in one visit.
• Crowns are made using the latest CEREC technology
• Crowns made on site by your dentist, from highest quality materials
• One appointment Crown Procedure.
• No rough temporaries. Digital impression.
• Metal free & 100% Biocompatible 
Our team of professional dentists can meet your needs for a stress-free experience, providing you with high quality crown treatment using CEREC Technology.

Same Week Crown $1100
Abc Dental features an in-house dental lab. This is a unique offering not common amongst smaller dental practices. This means we can control quality to the highest standards, whilst meeting your requirement for an efficient completion schedule. Abc Lab also features a wide selection of finest materials such as hybird ceramic, porcelain, zirconia  and many more. We stock materials only from quality suppliers such as Henry Schein Halas, Dentsply Sirona. Located in the heart of Sydney-CBD, ABC Lab supports all ABC Dental practices to produce dental restorations to the highest standards. You can rest assured, that your dental restoration is completed from start to finish, by the team at ABC Dental.
In addition to CEREC Technology described above. For more challenging / demanding cases, our lab features an advanced 5 axis milling centre (MC X5). ABC Dental would be one of very, very few practices to feature such an advanced, laboratory grade milling centre. This allows ABC Dental to treat more advanced cases, supporting a team of highly trained dental professionals, to produce the highest quality restoration for you.

Crown Pricing - What should I be expecting?
Dental fees vary between clinics. This is the same for crowns. Fees are dependent on a range of factors. From our own research, Sydney metro prices range between $1100 - $2200.When thinking about the price of a crown, its helpful to remember that a crown on average, is expected to last many years. Clinical studies show that the average life service of a crown is observed to be around 10 years. It is more helpful to express the fee for a crown in terms of the cost per year, rather than a lump sum. In this regard, ABC crowns would be on average $110/year (same week crowns), or $175/ year (same day crowns).Another factor in price consideration is health fund coverage. For those that have private health insurance with major dental cover, a portion of the fee will be paid by your health fund. Typically, most health funds have enough major dental coverage for 1 crown per year. The price displayed above does not include health fund coverage. For example, if the health fund covers $800, and you opted for Same Week Crowns ($1100), then what you would pay is $300 for the crown treatment. This is also known as the gap payment.
We also accept afterpay, zipmoney and supercare payments.For more information click: 

Usually, you will need a consult first to determine whether you need a crown. Consults are available for you at all of our practices in Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Miranda, Macquarie Centre Westfield Warringah, Stockland Green Hills  and Westfield Chatswood. We are open 7 days, and offer complimentary parking on site. Call us on (02) 8383 1400 for more information or to book an appointment.

Digital Dentures - It's time to get with the "digital" times!

Dentures, let's talk about it.
Usually, dentures are uncomfortable can even fall out during a meal or while you are speaking.
It can also create bad denture breathe, but there is a new way for dentures and that is - Digital Dentures!

What is the Abc Dental Difference?
1. We offer digital scans, that eliminates messy uncomfortable impressions
2. Faster turn around as we have our own internal laboratory.
3. We can guarantee that you won't ever loose your dentures again, in fact, you just need to call us to have them replaced. We will make them exactly the way they were and send them out to you.
4. Digital Dentures are fabricated through an advanced milling method that is the primary reason for eliminating bad denture breathe.

At Abc Dental, we use AvaDent Perfect-Fit denture technique. It is known for it's thin, light, comfortable and accurate fitting dentures. This futuristic denture technology allows minimal movement during eating and speaking than traditional dentures. Traditional dentures can even fall out of the mouth but with digital denture techniques, that uses dense acrylic and accuracy allows you to have a comfortable and confident smile. If it's time for a new set of dentures or your dentures need a repair, come and consult about this new DIGITAL DENTURE technology that is now available.

This is all available for you at all of our practices in Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Miranda, Macquarie Centre Westfield Warringah, Stockland Green Hills and Westfield Chatswood. We are open 7 days, and offer complimentary parking on site. Call us on (02) 8383 1400 for more information or to book an appointment.

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It’s State of Origin Finals. Get Your Own Game Time Ready!

38 years of history has led to this year’s showdown, and with ABC Dental’s Black Panther mouthguards, your kids can play like the pros!


State of Origin finals is on. With game three quickly approaching on 10 July, the showdown between NSW and Queensland is fiercer than ever. And if your kids want to play like the pros, it’s important they have quality gear that’s up to the task. 

With “black panther” mouthguards from ABC Dental, your kids will be suited up just like their favourite players (no matter which side you’re rooting for). 

Protecting Your Child’s Teeth is Priority #1, but Having Them Feel Like Their Favourite Players is a Close #2

Your kids probably don’t have the same priorities as you when it comes to rugby. They want to get in the game, and often at a very young age! No doubt they can and should play, but they need the right mouthguard to protect their developing teeth.

That’s where ABC Dental comes in. We make it fun for kids to get fitted for a mouthguard by offering a limited edition “black panther” guard that they’ll want to wear, just like the NRL stars.


You already know that a mouthguard matters. Rugby is a physically-demanding sport, and player safety (especially when it’s your kids we’re talking about), is important. This is especially true while your children’s teeth are still developing. After all, we’d prefer that they lose their baby teeth due to natural causes and not on the rugby field. Plus:

·     Over 60% of rugby players experience some sort of orofacial trauma or injury while they’re playing; BUT

·     Using a mouthguard can reduce the risk of these injuries by up to 90%!

At ABC Dental, we’re offering limited-edition Black Panther mouthguards to keep your little ones protected while giving them a mouthguard they’ll actually want to wear.

We are conveniently located in Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Miranda, Macquarie Centre and Westfield Chatswood. We are open 7 days, and offer complimentary parking on site. Take advantage of our Black Panther mouthguard, available for a limited time only and starting at $195. Call us on 8383 1400 or book online. 

Clear Aligners at Abc Dental

Everyone wants a straight smile. However, no one wants the cost, discomfort, or “metal mouth” appearance associated with traditional teeth straightening. Now, you don’t have to deal with any of these common problems.
Instead, you can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing that you are.


Invisible or clear, aligners look like retainers and allow you to straighten your teeth without wires. Like the aligners themselves, the advantages of this approach are clear:

  • Removable – Take your trays out while you eat or at your convenience.

  • Invisible – Invisible aligners are clear and only you’ll know you’re straightening your smile!

  • No Impression Materials – We can create clear aligners with a digital scan, meaning there are no impressions required. 

Take Your Confidence and Self-Esteem to a New Level - Invisible Aligners from $5000

If you’ve put off straightening your smile, you’ve likely done so because you can’t afford braces or don’t want to spend years of your life with metal braces, especially as an adult. At ABC Dental, you don’t have to deal with either of these issues.
Your clear brace services begin with a no-obligation discussion, including a free scan and treatment setup. Invisible Aligners start from $5000 and, should you decide to proceed with treatment, we offer interest-free payment plans to make your smile even more affordable. 


If you’ve ever hesitated about orthodontics, it’s likely because you thought there was only one option. However, you don’t have to deal with metal braces to feel as confident as you should. Once you have your impressions you will receive a video of how your treatment will look like at thee and smile summary of how many aligners you need. 
Contact ABC Dental today for your free consultation and to discuss clear aligners with our friendly staff on 02 8383 1400. We look forward to speaking with you and transforming the way you view orthodontics. Free consultation available at our Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Miranda, Macquarie Centre Westfield Warringah, Stockland Green Hills and Westfield Chatswood. We are open 7 days, and offer complimentary parking on site.


Set The Right Implant Expectations

What to Expect at Your ABC Dental Implant Consult (and After)


If you’re missing teeth – even if you haven’t been to the dentist yet – dental implants have probably crossed your mind. After all, they’re a simple solution for one or more missing teeth and a permanenttreatment option. We haven’t even mentioned the benefits, either:


·     Improved appearance – Dental implants prevent bone deterioration and rejuvenate facial appearance.

·     Renewed confidence –Dental implants look and feel like real teeth: that’s something to smile about!

·     No harm to surrounding, natural teeth –Bridges and dentures can damage surrounding teeth by cutting them down or grinding them. Luckily, dental implants don’t have the same consequences.

·     Improve oral health –Dental implants are free from toxic adhesives and metal, which is sometimes used to hold certain oral treatments in place.

·     Easy care –Take care of dental implants like you do your natural teeth: no extra steps required!


Some patients believe dental implants are a one and done treatment. While this would be great, it isn’t accurate. There are a few steps to the process, all of which we explain below.


A Three-Step Approach to Dental Implants


ABC Dental’s approach to dental implants comes in three basic steps: (1) the consultation; (2) surgical planning; and (3) implantation and placement.


The initial consult appointment is the first step. It’s when we get all of the information that we need for your dental implant. We’ll take a CBCT – a fancy x-ray – and a digital impression. Both work with our guided dental implant process that ensures no operator variability and a shorter recovery time with less post-operative discomfort.


Once we’ve got the scans, the dental lab begins the second step and puts together an implant plan. The implant plan is just where the lab predicts the implant screw should be placed. Then, the lab mills a surgical guide according to that implant plan. Your dentist will meet with you again once this process is complete to agree to the plan before beginning treatment.


Then all that’s left is the third step: implantation and placement. When you come on for implantation, it’s for just the screw, not the actual tooth. We’ll place a healing cap on the screw. Then, after about three months of healing, your final implant crown – a.k.a. your tooth – is placed on the screw. That’s something to smile about!

Visit Any of Our Convenient Locations to Take the First Step in Dental Implants

If you want more information about dental implants, or are ready to book a consultation and take the first step, the best time to do so is now! Call our team on (02) 8383 1400 to reserve your slot!

Abc Dental Opened In Warringah Mall

New Addition to Abc Dental!

ABC Dental is always growing so you can get always better care no matter where you are.

Our newest location in Warringah Mall Westfield means you can get the care you need in your neighborhood! We opened in November 2018 and just like our other locations, the Warringah location is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including an OPG Machine for panoramic x-rays.

We offer all of the same services, too, including:

  • Check up and cleans

  • Metal free fillings

  • Crowns

  • In - chair whitening

  • Clear braces

  • Veneers

  • Dental implants

  • Wisdom teeth removal; and

  • Root canal treatment

What are You Waiting For?

Head over to our website by clicking below to learn more about our newest location!

If you're ready to book for a 1st November appointment or later, call our team on (02) 8383 1400 to reserve your slot!

Shop 2503
Condamine St &, Old Pittwater Rd
NSW 2100

Pop on a Splint for a Stress Relief Night

Stress is a part of everyone's life...

Your head hits the pillow, and your stress disappears. Well, at least until you wake up the next day.

But, what you may not realize is that stress-related symptoms can cause issues while you sleep. For most people, this means grinding their teeth at night. Do you do the same?

The ABC Dental Difference

You might think that night guards are night guards. However, this isn't true! ABC Dental splints are:

  • More comfortable; and

  • Made with a milled fabrication method, meaning they're stronger and last longer, too!

    If you're grinding, a splint will keep you smiling!

    Splints are a simple, effective way to prevent your stress from ruining your smile. If you think you've been grinding your teeth, or you just want to be sure that you aren't, hop to scheduling a consult at any one of our convenient ABC Dental locations, today! 

Our Bondi Dental Practice Has Moved, But You Won't Have To!

A New Location - the same Always Better Care



We've spent the last 15 years serving patients like you at our Bondi Junction location. And now, we're moving - but that doesn't mean you have to change a thing!

Our new location is just next door to the convenient office you already know and love! So while we have "moved," you're still going to the same location you've been coming to for years!

Same Management - Same Team - Same Outstanding Services and Technology!

We might have moved a few doors down, but that doesn't mean our services have changed. We still provide always better care through the same exceptional services and technology, like the following:

CEREC – One Visit Dentistry

Need a crown fitted? Now, we can do it all in one, hassle-free trip rather than with temporary crowns and countless office visits!

Cone Beam CT – 3D Imaging

If wisdom teeth, dental implants, or tooth pain is a problem, Cone Beam CT provides our staff with an accurate, more detailed picture of your mouth to ensure we’re providing the best treatment plan possible.

The Wand

The Wand is a computer-controlled dental injection that provides local anaesthetic, perfect for patients who are nervous or anxious about their dental visits!

Come Find Us for Your Next Visit!

Our new Bondi Junction location is on the same floor as our previous office, near Fitness First! We're specifically located in-between the dermatologist, elevators, and pharmacy!

Overdue for a visit? Come check us out and set up an appointment by clicking the link below!

Visit the New Bondi Junction Location!

Introducing zipMoney, the Easier, Smarter Way to Pay...


You need dental services now, but don't have the money to pay up-front. And at a practice that believes in always better care, we don't believe you should ever delay your health until your wallet catches up.

That's why you need zipMoney.

Get Approved in Minutes!

zipMoney is fast, easy and affordable...

...and if you need services up to $1,500 from ABC Dental, zipMoney is an option you should consider! You don't pay interest for at least 6 months, and can choose a repayment plan that works for your budget!

zipMoney, in action...

Assuming your dental services cost $1,500, here is just one example of how little you would be required to pay. This means healthier teeth and gums, less stress about payment and more time focussing on what matters most in your life.

zipmoney 2.JPG

Ready to see the zipMoney difference for yourself?

Applying is easy. Coordinating with any of our ABC Dental locations once you're approved is even easier. And paying means you can choose almost any method you'd like, and on your time. 

zipmoney 3.JPG

Have questions or need help?

Our ABC Dental staff is always here for you! Contact us on 02 8383 1400 to get your questions answered! Or, click the button below to get approved before your next visit to any of our offices!

Learn More About zipMoney and Get Approved, Now!


CEREC Crown - Resolving Several Dental Needs

Our clinicians may use CEREC crowns to resolve many issues, including:

  1. As support for a large filling where little tooth remains
  2. As part of an attachment of a bridge
  3. As protection for weak teeth at risk of breaking or that have already broken
  4. As a replacement for teeth that have decayed
  5. As a cover for teeth that are discoloured or poorly shaped
  6. As a cover for dental implants

If you need to get a cerec option see the list above, see if you fit any of these categories and give us a call (02) 8383 1400.


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CEREC Crown at ABC ental

Cerec Crown at Abc Dental (Behind the Scenes)

After the scan, the dentist creates the design. They single out the design model and fit the crown into a cerec block. We send it to the machine and it moulds the crown. It goes into a furnace for it to get solid. If you wish to make an appointment give us a call on (02) 8383 1400

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CEREC Crowns


Step 1: Digital Impression

In the chair for about 30-60 mins to scan the mouth for a digital impression. Previously before this technology came about, we were taking gewy impressions that often made you uncomfortable.
Now, this has all changed, we take digital impressions that accurately take scans that allows the dentist to create a new crown on a computer where the design is then created in a machine.

Step 2: Design of the Filling/Crown

While you take a break and do some last minute shopping for mum, dad. Kids, husband, wife or even for yourself. The dentist creates a design of a filling to suit your teeth on a computer. Once the design is completed on the computer it is sent to the machine to create to filling/crown

Step 3: Creation of the Filling/Crown

The machine, takes about 1 hour – 1.5hours to create and furnace the filling/crown that needs to replace your tooth. In this time, the dentist checks that the crown is made to suit you and check that the design is polished so that it can sit comfortably in your mouth with no rough edges.

Step 4: Insert

In less than 4 hours, we can get you back in the chair and insert the filling/crown. Check that the fit is comfortable. And the best part of this treatment is that there is No Needles. No Gewy Impressions, No Waiting Another Week for the Insert. Just convenient one day treatment. 

Step 5: Post Treatment

Part One: Care Taking
Now that the filling and crown is inserted just like any other dental procedure it is important to make sure that it is taken care of at home. Floss in between to make sure there aren’t any food, (not just the crown but ALL teeth) be careful when you chew hard lollies.
Part Two: Follow Up Appointments
It is just as important that you come in for dental follow ups to make sure dentists can track and see if any bacteria or minute cracks or fractures have happened. 6 monthly cleans, come get it at Abc Dental call us on (02) 8383 1400.

Dental Emergencies on Weekends - Who to call on weekend sport injuries?

Being open on weekends, and having Saturday school sport and Sunday club sport means there is always emergencies that need appointments. It is rugby and hockey season and those boys and girls on the field will be going all out. As much as we want our kids to be safe on the field, those future NSW Blues and Hockeyroos are going to get so into that game there will be bumps and scratches after every game. Before you run to the emergency room where you’ll be in line for hours and hours. Give us a call on (02) 8383 1400 being at five locations means there will be an availability close to you.


We do go strictly by appointments but its worth a try. Give us a call and we will fit you in as soon as possible, take an xray or even a CBCT if needed. Call us on (02) 8383 1400 and we have five locations to choose from. Bondi Junction Westfield, Pitt St (Sydney) Westfield, Macquarie Shopping Centre, Miranda Westfield and Chatswood Westfield.

The latest in dental implant technology - guided implants

Dental Implants can be a solution for one or more missing teeth an are a permanent treatment option


Why choose dental implants?

1. Improved appearance

Loss of teeth can affect a person's facial appearance. One of the best thing about dental implants is that they are designed to integrate with the body. This means they prevent bone deterioration and rejuvenate a persons facial appearance. 

2. Renewed confidence

They help the confidence lost with missing teeth. Since dental implants look and feel as natural as real teeth, people can stop being conscious about their appearance and smile without any hesitation. 

3. No harm to natural teeth

Another amazing thing about dental implants is that unlike bridges and dentures, there's no cutting down or grinding the perfectly healthy neighboring teeth. There's no compromising on the long-term health of the real teeth. 

4. Improved oral health

Since natural teeth are not affected by the dental implant treatment, the overall long-term oral health is improved. Also, as there are no toxic adhesive or metal used to hold them in place, there is no risk of effects or allergies

5. Easy after care

Getting dental implants is convenience at its best. They not only look and feel natural, their functionalities and care are pretty much the same. Unlike dentures, there's no extra care required like removing and cleaning them separately. 

Guided Dental Implants at ABC Dental

At ABC Dental, we have invested in the latest technology to provide "Guided Implants". This solution allows a dental implant to be planned virtually, then accurately placed in the most safe predictable and efficient manner. With guided implants, not only can the implant be placed for the most aesthetic outcome, but it will also result in a shorter recovery time and less post-operative discomfort. Here is a quick contrast between traditional implants vs guided implants.

Traditional Implants

  • Little / no planning before implant appointment
  • Cut up Gums to insert implant
  • Low predictability / consistency
  • Operator variability 
  • Post-operative discomfort

Guided Dental Implants

  • Significant planning before implant appointment
  • Key hole surgery
  • Increased precision / accuracy with surgical guides
  • No operator variability
  • Shorter recover time / little to no post-operative discomfort

At ABC Dental, we offer guided implants with all the added benefits but at a cost that is no more than traditional implants. A single posterior implant is $4500, and a single anterior implant is $4900. Prices includes cone beam CT, surgical guides, abutment and crown.

We are conveniently located in Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Miranda, Macquarie Centre and Westfield Chatswood. We are open 7 days, and offer complimentary parking on site. Take advantage of our free consultation for implants, and find out how this treatment solution can increase your quality of life! Call us on 8383 1400 or book online. 



Having wisdom teeth pain?

Wisdom teeth make their first appearance between the ages of 16 and 25 and after that, they’re nothing but trouble.

If they emerge impacted or angled, they cause painswellinggum infections, or even decay on surrounding teeth. But because wisdom teeth removal procedures can force you through weeks of recovery, many busy professionals (or even those who fear anaesthesia) will put off the procedure, treating the symptoms with antibiotics and painkillers without addressing the real issue: The wisdom teeth.

Keep your natural teeth with Root Canal Therapy

What is Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy (or endodontics) is required when an injury or large cavity damages the tooth's root. The root becomes infected or inflamed. 

You may need Root Canal Therapy if you have....

  • Intense tooth pain
  • Severe toot sensitivity
  • Traumatic injury
  • Tooth discoloration
  • Swollen or tender gums
  • A recurring abscess on the gum line
  • A crack in a filling 

Root Canal Therapy Process

Root Canal Therapy can often be performed in one or two appointments, and involves the following steps:

  1. The tooth is numbed by your dentist. An opening is made through the crown of the tooth to the pulp chamber
  2. Dental files are used to clean the infection and unhealthy pulp out of the canals.
  3. The canals are filled with a permanent material. This help keep the canals free of infections or contamination. 
  4. The tooth then needs to be restored with a crown to protect the tooth and restore it to full function

At ABC Dental, most root canal therapy can be completed in one appointment with our latest, state of the art, rotary endodontic equipment. 


Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

  • Saves your natural tooth

  • Less expensive long term option vs alternatives of having the tooth extracted and replaced with a dental implant or bridge
  • protects other teeth from excessive wear or stain
  • Improves appearance of your tooth
  • Efficient Chewing
  • Less treatment time involved vs alternatives of having tooth extracted and replaced with dental implant or bridge. 

What if Root Canal Therapy is not completed?

Unfinished root canal treatment can lead to further complications down the road. Importantly, the tooth that has been treated with root canal therpay should be restored with a crown to protect the tooth. You should not chew or bite on the treated tooth until it has been restored. If the tooth remains uncrowned, it can break easily, and may eventually have to be extracted altogether.