CEREC - One Visit Dentistry

Simple, Efficient Crowns in Just One Visit

If you need a crown, a certain type of dental experience likely comes to mind: one of gagging impressions, temporary crowns, and countless visits until you reach the final outcome.

But at ABC Dental, we use CEREC Crowns to eliminate these negatives and instead, create a positive, relaxing experience where your entire treatment is completed in one visit.

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Cone Beam CT - 3D Imaging

State of the Art 3D Imaging allows better diagnosis, facilitating treatment to deliver better clinical outcomes

3D Imaging is used to assess wisdom teeth, dental implant suitability and also diagnosis of difficult tooth pain. It delivers more details vs traditional OPG, whilst providing greater accuracy to assist your dentist to provide the best dentistry possible.

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Digital Smile Design

Through technology, you can visualize and try your dream smile before you commit to it. Here's how

Through our software, we can produce a digital smile design, allowing you to see virtually what your smile would look like, on you. What's more amazing, we can reproduce this virtual design using digital smile design, and allow you to trial your perfect smile! Seeing is believing. All this can be done before you decide to go ahead with any veneers or major work.   


Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek an opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.