Infection control in dentistry is taken seriously, and while strict regulation standards have been developed, it is the responsibility of the practice to uphold and maintain these appropriate standards.

There are essentially six aspects of a dental clinic that need to be considered in order to successfully control infection:

  • Hand hygiene
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Surgical procedures and aseptic technique
  • Management of sharps
  • Management of clinical waste
  • Environment

Here at ABC Dental, we are dedicated to providing the best care for our patients, and this starts with following a rigorous risk-management framework including strict sterilisation protocols for the aspects listed above, that are based on the Australian Dental Association’s guidelines for infection control. Our practices are equipped with the latest steam sterilisation equipment which are TGA compliant and in accordance with requisite health and safety standards.

In addition, our practices have undergone a voluntary practice accreditation process which means that we are compliant with the National Safety and Quality in Health Service (NSQHS) Standards to provide our patients with peace of mind that we adhere to an internationally recognised system of benchmarking safety and quality.

For further information regarding the Infection Control Procedures at ABC Dental, please contact us on 02 8383 1400.