Having wisdom teeth pain?

Wisdom teeth make their first appearance between the ages of 16 and 25 and after that, they’re nothing but trouble.

If they emerge impacted or angled, they cause painswellinggum infections, or even decay on surrounding teeth. But because wisdom teeth removal procedures can force you through weeks of recovery, many busy professionals (or even those who fear anaesthesia) will put off the procedure, treating the symptoms with antibiotics and painkillers without addressing the real issue: The wisdom teeth.
At ABC Dental, we understand you’re busy. But we don’t feel as if a busy schedule or the inability to spend weeks recovering should mean you don’t receive the procedure you need. Rather, we believe it means you need an alternative, which, we’ve created specifically for patients like you.

A ComfortableConvenient Approach to Traditional Wisdom Tooth Procedures

If you’re unfamiliar with wisdom tooth procedures, they often go something like this: You’re put under general anaesthesia, your teeth are removed, and you need a few weeks to recover (i.e. for swelling and pain to subside, to be able to eat normal foods, and to return to work and school).
At ABC Dental, we’ve turned this procedure around.
Our senior dentists can perform wisdom teeth removal under local anaesthesia or even IV sedation. Doing so reduces much of the apprehension people have of surgery or, at the very least, makes it convenient for busy professionals to reduce time spent in the procedure without compromising on comfort. Through our skilled approach, most patients are even able to return to school or work after just 1 to 2 days. 



Accommodations for Every Need

Whether you’re terrified of surgery or simply don’t have a week or more of downtime to recover from wisdom tooth surgery, ABC Dental can help.

Here are just some of the many accommodations we offer patients:

  • After-Hour Appointments – Can’t get away from work during the day? We’re open 7 days per week and late at night on Thursdays, meaning you can always find a time to come in.
  • Procedure Comfort – We use diverse methods from sleep dentistry to short-lasting medications to guarantee patient comfort, no matter how worried you are about a procedure. We also use noise reduction drills, aromatherapy, and noise cancelling headphones for further comfort.
  • Post-Operative Medications – We prescribe appropriate post-operative medications, especially ones to reduce inflammation, to reduce post-operative swelling. This expedites recovery times.

Whether Preventative or Necessary, It’s Time Your Wisdom Teeth Came Out…
…but this doesn’t mean it needs to be painful or inconvenient to do so. At ABC Dental, our skilled services ensure that whether preventative or necessary, your wisdom teeth removal doesn’t need to be complicated, painful, or drawn-out.
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