A Whiter Smile Without the High Cost!

Few people would refuse a whiter smile or deny that their teeth could be a few shades brighter. There’s just one minor issue that keeps many from revealing their brightest smile yet: The cost.
Regular, preventive dental care is costly enough. As such, few individuals can afford to consider teeth whitening and are instead forced to settle for a lackluster smile and perhaps the lack of self-confidence that comes with it.
But, what if you didn’t have to settle?
At ABC Dental, one of our core values is affordable, transparent dental care. We believe optional treatments, such as teeth whitening, should be no different. That’s why, for a limited only, we’re offering specials on two whitening systems that allow you to whiten your own way!

Philips Zoom In Chair Whitening 

Many patients get their teeth whitened in office because it’s quicker, easier, and often more effective than at-home solutions. At ABC Dental, we’re proud to offer Philips Zoom In Chair Whitening to whiten up to eight shades in just one visit.
Philips’ advanced technology means you’ll experience no to minimal discomfort and enjoy the benefit of two-layer technology that removes stains and locks in your new smile.

Special Offer: Enjoy 40% OFF all Philips Zoom In Chair Whitening solutions! A $950 value for just $570!

Zoom Whitening services can improve your smile up to 8 shades in just one office visit!

The service is finished with a sealant to protect against future stains and keep your new, white smile looking great for months to come!

Opalescence Home Whitening Kit

 You’re a busy professional, parent, or have other commitments to attend to. And, when you can’t come into our office to enjoy whitening services, you can get the same results at home with Opalescence Home Whitening Kits.
With a formula rich in potassium nitrate and fluoride to protect your teeth and four concentrations to account for sensitivities, whiter teeth can be yours in just 2 weeks! The at-home kit includes custom trays and 4 Opalescence whitening gels.

Special Offer: Enjoy 40% OFF all Opalescence Home Whitening Kits! Usually $450, now just $270.


Teeth Whitening is No Longer a Luxury…

Instead, it’s an affordable way to gain the confidence that comes standard with a whiter smile!
If you’ve been considering whitening but haven’t done so, contact our office on 02 8383 1400 or book your appointment online.
We look forward to giving you the whiter smile you’ve always wanted at a price you can feel great about!