Cosmetic Dentistry and You!

Our first mode of communication with anyone in the world is not a word, but rather begins with a very non verbal method, your smile. A smile speaks a thousand words and people analyse and judge you in that split second. Whether you smile or you speak, the symmetry and positivity radiates through that first impression. A confident smile can make that difference. One tooth placed out of position, or the perception of disharmony in your smile can set off a negative mood. Can you imagine being conscious of crooked teeth and thus never laughing in public. That fear of people judging you! Does it really have to be that way? 

Everyone is beautiful in their own natural form. Unfortunately, not everyone is born with naturally well aligned teeth, white teeth, a smile that radiates confidence. Cosmetic dentistry can help you with that. There are two different approaches in this field. One is what is referred to as a Hollywood smile, a complete transformation where you flash those new pearly whites. The other approach is a subtle transformation where you look better and enhanced naturally with people around you saying you look amazing without being able to point out that your teeth have been improved.

There are a suite of different treatments available to achieve this. From a simple clean and stain removal or a state of the art cosmetic tooth whitening to dental bonding, cosmetic veneers and invisible braces, one or a combination of these options is maybe what you need! Every dentist boasts they can do cosmetic dentistry. But customising your smile to your emotional and physical desires is an art and a science. That's where a true aesthetic dentist stands out. 

At ABC Dental, Dr. Kiara, one of the few truely qualified aesthetic dentists in Australia, would like to help you with that. She can help you get that smile by customising it for you. Yes you read it right, a smile that is customised for you. Something that is a part of your personality. She take's care of minute details. Small things like listening to you. Hearing your needs, your fears and your expectations. Like how white you like your teeth to be or what should be the shape of your teeth for your personality. It is all about you and your smile. That's why we can first create a completely reversible mock smile with which you can see physically what you envisioned. All of this is possible and done regularly by us. Imagine being able to not stop smiling because you are so proud of it. It is possible in this beautiful world of cosmetic dentistry.