3 Things You Should know about Replacing that missing tooth

Do you have missing teeth or a noticeable gap in your smile? Have you had a gap for sometime? Are you unhappy with your denture? As a private dental practice, we see many patients who require teeth extraction. Many don't know the current options available to replace a missing gap. ABC Dental has the technology to make teeth replacement simple, comfortable and affordable. 

There are generally 3 options to replace missing spaces

1. Dentures : This technique has been used literally for a few hundred years. Old photos show that George Washington himself had a set of dentures made from Ivory. Unfortunately, we as dentist haven't gotten much better at making dentures comfortable. Its like a false arm, no matter how good it is, it takes significant time to get use to. Today, dentures are not the first option dentist recommend, because we understand that it can decrease your quality of life. It is however, very affordable, most dentures are between $1500-$3000, depending on the number of teeth missing. 

2. Dental Bridges : Like a real bridge, a dental bridge covers up the missing space. It does this by using the adjacent teeth as anchors. This can pose a problem if the neighboring teeth are healthy, because they would need to be reduced to make way for the bridge. However, if the neighboring teeth have large restoration, or even already has a crown, this option can be very good. Dental bridges generally have very good clinical outcomes, they last a long time, and the quality of life is definitely increased vs dentures. A dental bridge to replace teeth can cost between $3500-$5000, depending on the number of missing teeth present. 

3. Dental Implants : You probably have heard of dental implants. This is the latest, most state of the art treatment for missing teeth. By state of the art, dental implants have been around since 1960s, so its clinical efficacy has been well trialed and documented. What you probably don't know is that most implants today should be placed guided. The technique is called guided implant placement. This state of the art treatment method uses a Cone Beam CT, a dental scanner combined with clever software, to enable dental implants to be provided in a comfortable, highly accurate way with no post-operative downtime. Gone are the days where dental implant is like a "surgery:, today with guided technique, a dental implant procedure is much like a filling, and is done within about 30 minutes. The guided implant technique requires a big investment in state of the art equipment, mentioned above. Therefore not all dental clinics will offer this option. You might be thinking, will this guided technique cost more? You should ask your dentist if the implant placement is fully guided. The market price for a dental implant in sydney metro is around $4000-$6000 for a single implant. ABC Dental charges $4500 for a fully guided implant.

A missing back teeth can decrease your chewing efficiency by upto 6 times. A missing front teeth, well, we've all seen the you-tube videos where someone is having a great time and having a laugh, then next thing you know, their teeth fall out! There's no need to live that way!

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