How do get those stains off my teeth?

Do you drink coffee, tea, red wine? Are you seeing your teeth getting stained or changing color. This can be easily dealt with, so there's no need to put up with it!

Drinking / eating dark colored liquids, most commonly coffee, tea, red wine can cause staining of your teeth. Smoking is also another contributor towards staining, not withstanding other health consequences. 


Teeth staining can be easily removed with a clean from your dentist. These stains cannot be removed by tooth brushing, and special cleaning equipment must be used to remove them. At ABC Dental, in addition to the standard equipment at most dental offices, we also use the prophy jet

This device can easily, and comfortable remove stains from your teeth, unlike conventional ultrasonic cleaning. Prophy jet uses a combination of air, water and specialized cleaning powder, to gently remove staining on teeth.

Don't put up with those unaesthetic stains on your teeth. Teeth cleaning is a must. ABC Dental charges $159 for cleaning and checkup. This comes with 2 x-rays, and also professional flouride application. We are open 7 days, and have locations in Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Miranda, Westfield Chatswood and Macquarie Centre. Book online, or call us on 8383 1400.