The latest in dental implant technology - guided implants

Dental Implants can be a solution for one or more missing teeth an are a permanent treatment option


Why choose dental implants?

1. Improved appearance

Loss of teeth can affect a person's facial appearance. One of the best thing about dental implants is that they are designed to integrate with the body. This means they prevent bone deterioration and rejuvenate a persons facial appearance. 

2. Renewed confidence

They help the confidence lost with missing teeth. Since dental implants look and feel as natural as real teeth, people can stop being conscious about their appearance and smile without any hesitation. 

3. No harm to natural teeth

Another amazing thing about dental implants is that unlike bridges and dentures, there's no cutting down or grinding the perfectly healthy neighboring teeth. There's no compromising on the long-term health of the real teeth. 

4. Improved oral health

Since natural teeth are not affected by the dental implant treatment, the overall long-term oral health is improved. Also, as there are no toxic adhesive or metal used to hold them in place, there is no risk of effects or allergies

5. Easy after care

Getting dental implants is convenience at its best. They not only look and feel natural, their functionalities and care are pretty much the same. Unlike dentures, there's no extra care required like removing and cleaning them separately. 

Guided Dental Implants at ABC Dental

At ABC Dental, we have invested in the latest technology to provide "Guided Implants". This solution allows a dental implant to be planned virtually, then accurately placed in the most safe predictable and efficient manner. With guided implants, not only can the implant be placed for the most aesthetic outcome, but it will also result in a shorter recovery time and less post-operative discomfort. Here is a quick contrast between traditional implants vs guided implants.

Traditional Implants

  • Little / no planning before implant appointment
  • Cut up Gums to insert implant
  • Low predictability / consistency
  • Operator variability 
  • Post-operative discomfort

Guided Dental Implants

  • Significant planning before implant appointment
  • Key hole surgery
  • Increased precision / accuracy with surgical guides
  • No operator variability
  • Shorter recover time / little to no post-operative discomfort

At ABC Dental, we offer guided implants with all the added benefits but at a cost that is no more than traditional implants. A single posterior implant is $4500, and a single anterior implant is $4900. Prices includes cone beam CT, surgical guides, abutment and crown.

We are conveniently located in Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Miranda, Macquarie Centre and Westfield Chatswood. We are open 7 days, and offer complimentary parking on site. Take advantage of our free consultation for implants, and find out how this treatment solution can increase your quality of life! Call us on 8383 1400 or book online.