Bridges vs Crowns vs Veneers

6. Bridges vs Crowns vs Veneers

Often there are dental treatments that we come across and dentists seem to have very little time to explain everything in detail. Well all the dentists at ABC DENTAL are have a minimum of 30 min appointments to explain everything with you. But we want you to have a little bit more information to search up and what we offer.

A bridge is just like an extended crown over two teeth and acts as a bridge to cover the space between two teeth. Image one above.

A crown is a seal over an existing tooth that usually is to protect the natural tooth rather than extracting it. Good dentists would rather save the tooth for as long as possible, having a crown would probably be the last stage to save the tooth after a root canal.

Veneers are a cap around a tooth usually for cosmetic purposes. All those celebrities with the perfect white smile would have had a Veneer.

Where can you go to get these treatments in ONE DAY? ABC Dental, probably is the only dentist in Sydney that offers treatment in a shopping centre and also can do SAME DAY crowns. Usually dentists need to do a gewy impression and send it off to a lab and just this process takes at least a week. Here at ABC DENTAL we do digital impressions and the machine creates your personal bridge, crown or veneer and can usually be inserted 90mins after you do your digital impression.
We offer these services across all our practices, you can call us on (02) 8383 1400 anytime for more information.