CEREC Crowns


Step 1: Digital Impression

In the chair for about 30-60 mins to scan the mouth for a digital impression. Previously before this technology came about, we were taking gewy impressions that often made you uncomfortable.
Now, this has all changed, we take digital impressions that accurately take scans that allows the dentist to create a new crown on a computer where the design is then created in a machine.

Step 2: Design of the Filling/Crown

While you take a break and do some last minute shopping for mum, dad. Kids, husband, wife or even for yourself. The dentist creates a design of a filling to suit your teeth on a computer. Once the design is completed on the computer it is sent to the machine to create to filling/crown

Step 3: Creation of the Filling/Crown

The machine, takes about 1 hour – 1.5hours to create and furnace the filling/crown that needs to replace your tooth. In this time, the dentist checks that the crown is made to suit you and check that the design is polished so that it can sit comfortably in your mouth with no rough edges.

Step 4: Insert

In less than 4 hours, we can get you back in the chair and insert the filling/crown. Check that the fit is comfortable. And the best part of this treatment is that there is No Needles. No Gewy Impressions, No Waiting Another Week for the Insert. Just convenient one day treatment. 

Step 5: Post Treatment

Part One: Care Taking
Now that the filling and crown is inserted just like any other dental procedure it is important to make sure that it is taken care of at home. Floss in between to make sure there aren’t any food, (not just the crown but ALL teeth) be careful when you chew hard lollies.
Part Two: Follow Up Appointments
It is just as important that you come in for dental follow ups to make sure dentists can track and see if any bacteria or minute cracks or fractures have happened. 6 monthly cleans, come get it at Abc Dental call us on (02) 8383 1400.