Introducing zipMoney, the Easier, Smarter Way to Pay...


You need dental services now, but don't have the money to pay up-front. And at a practice that believes in always better care, we don't believe you should ever delay your health until your wallet catches up.

That's why you need zipMoney.

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zipMoney is fast, easy and affordable...

...and if you need services up to $1,500 from ABC Dental, zipMoney is an option you should consider! You don't pay interest for at least 6 months, and can choose a repayment plan that works for your budget!

zipMoney, in action...

Assuming your dental services cost $1,500, here is just one example of how little you would be required to pay. This means healthier teeth and gums, less stress about payment and more time focussing on what matters most in your life.

zipmoney 2.JPG

Ready to see the zipMoney difference for yourself?

Applying is easy. Coordinating with any of our ABC Dental locations once you're approved is even easier. And paying means you can choose almost any method you'd like, and on your time. 

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Have questions or need help?

Our ABC Dental staff is always here for you! Contact us on 02 8383 1400 to get your questions answered! Or, click the button below to get approved before your next visit to any of our offices!

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