Pop on a Splint for a Stress Relief Night

Stress is a part of everyone's life...

Your head hits the pillow, and your stress disappears. Well, at least until you wake up the next day.

But, what you may not realize is that stress-related symptoms can cause issues while you sleep. For most people, this means grinding their teeth at night. Do you do the same?

The ABC Dental Difference

You might think that night guards are night guards. However, this isn't true! ABC Dental splints are:

  • More comfortable; and

  • Made with a milled fabrication method, meaning they're stronger and last longer, too!

    If you're grinding, a splint will keep you smiling!

    Splints are a simple, effective way to prevent your stress from ruining your smile. If you think you've been grinding your teeth, or you just want to be sure that you aren't, hop to scheduling a consult at any one of our convenient ABC Dental locations, today!