Set The Right Implant Expectations

What to Expect at Your ABC Dental Implant Consult (and After)


If you’re missing teeth – even if you haven’t been to the dentist yet – dental implants have probably crossed your mind. After all, they’re a simple solution for one or more missing teeth and a permanenttreatment option. We haven’t even mentioned the benefits, either:


·     Improved appearance – Dental implants prevent bone deterioration and rejuvenate facial appearance.

·     Renewed confidence –Dental implants look and feel like real teeth: that’s something to smile about!

·     No harm to surrounding, natural teeth –Bridges and dentures can damage surrounding teeth by cutting them down or grinding them. Luckily, dental implants don’t have the same consequences.

·     Improve oral health –Dental implants are free from toxic adhesives and metal, which is sometimes used to hold certain oral treatments in place.

·     Easy care –Take care of dental implants like you do your natural teeth: no extra steps required!


Some patients believe dental implants are a one and done treatment. While this would be great, it isn’t accurate. There are a few steps to the process, all of which we explain below.


A Three-Step Approach to Dental Implants


ABC Dental’s approach to dental implants comes in three basic steps: (1) the consultation; (2) surgical planning; and (3) implantation and placement.


The initial consult appointment is the first step. It’s when we get all of the information that we need for your dental implant. We’ll take a CBCT – a fancy x-ray – and a digital impression. Both work with our guided dental implant process that ensures no operator variability and a shorter recovery time with less post-operative discomfort.


Once we’ve got the scans, the dental lab begins the second step and puts together an implant plan. The implant plan is just where the lab predicts the implant screw should be placed. Then, the lab mills a surgical guide according to that implant plan. Your dentist will meet with you again once this process is complete to agree to the plan before beginning treatment.


Then all that’s left is the third step: implantation and placement. When you come on for implantation, it’s for just the screw, not the actual tooth. We’ll place a healing cap on the screw. Then, after about three months of healing, your final implant crown – a.k.a. your tooth – is placed on the screw. That’s something to smile about!

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