What is Periodontal Treatment?

At the dentist they often offer you to take X-rays with your dental clean, you often find it unnecessary and you reject. A few months pass and you find yourself sitting in the dental chair impatiently waiting for the pain to go away. The dentist looks at you with the “I told you so” face but really they say “Oh, no.. you must be in so much pain.” You feel guilty and smile the nervous smile while four materials and a suction is being stuffed into your mouth. 

With dental symptoms, if you wait until there is pain, it is often too late. Bacteria slowly forms around the gums. It spreads and punctuates the teeth into the tooth, through the roots and into the nerves. This is when the tooth starts to put you in pain and sensitivity also forms making the pain unbearable and you call the dentist for your dental check up and clean. But the dentist tells you, you require more than a clean. Periodontal Treatment.

Periodontal Treatment is a gum infection, in some severe cases the gums to recede to the bone. Once the gums recede, unfortunately they don’t grow back. Only way to prevent this is to come for regular cleans and make sure to get X-rays to check if bacteria is forming. Take the X-rays to be safe.

Before any serious symptom  arises, ABC Dental dentists can help you to prevent gum disease. All practices in Bondi Junction Westfield, Macquarie Shopping Centre, Pitt St Westfield, Miranda Westfield and Chatswood Westfield can assist you with this treatment.