What is a CEREC Crown?

Teeth can require crown restorations for a number of reasons. Tooth decay, replacement of large composite (white) fillings and teeth cracks are amongst the top reasons. A crown is like a strong helmet, it protects the remaining tooth structure from repeated forces, to strengthen and preserve remaining teeth. 

CEREC technology has been around since the 1980s. It is also known as CADCAM (Computer Assisted Design / Computer Assisted Manufacturing). This technology uses a intra-oral scanner to make a 3D model of your teeth. A crown is designed by your dentist. It is then sent to the milling machine, for a completely in-house procedure.

Compared to traditional crown procedures. CEREC Dental crowns offer the following advantage.

Time : A CEREC crown is finished in about an hour. Whilst a traditional crown takes 2 weeks.

Injections : A CEREC crown can be completed in a single visit. Whilst the traditional crown requires two visits, therefore requiring 2 injections

Cosmetics : This is one most people don't know. The same CEREC technology can be used in cosmetic / smile reconstructions. The above advantages apply in a more much dramatic way. With CEREC, cosmetic procedures can be done quicker, with less number of visits, and without the use of objectionable impression materials. We can also provide a Digital Smile Design (DSD), enabling a preview of what your smile will look like after treatment. 

Made by your Dentist : Outsourcing is becoming more common in today's society. Its no different in dentistry. Traditional crowns are sent to a dental laboratory, who may on forward this to a lab off-shore. There have been concerns around safety, and choice of materials. With CEREC, you can be assured that the dental crown is made 100% by your dentist, and it is made right within the dental practice. A peace of mind for patients and an assurance over its quality. 

No impression material : A traditional crown requires a mould, or an impression of the mouth to be made. This is done by inserting impression material into the mouth. The odour can be objectionable, and also cause gagging in some. A CEREC crown uses an intra-oral camera to take photos, and using software render these photos into a 3D model. No nasty impressions.

Cost : Whilst some clinics may charge more for CEREC crowns, due to the advantage it provides. At ABC Dental, our charge is the same for CEREC crown or traditional crown. The choice is yours. For all crowns, the cost is $1750. If you have private health insurance and major dental cover, a portion of this will be covered by your health fund, depending in your level of cover.

At ABC Dental, we have 5 convenient locations across Sydney. Westfield Bondi Junction, Westfield Sydney, Westfield Chatswood, Macquarie Centre and Westfield Miranda. We are open 7 days, and complimentary parking is available. If you need a dental crown, choose CEREC. Give us a call on 8383 1400 today, or book online for your appointment.